Governor Cuomo Announces Crackdown on Fake ID Use and Underage Drinking During Summer Concert Season

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If your business deals with the importation, manufacture, distribution or sale of alcohol in NY, you need a liquor license.
All Special Event Permits, Transportation Permits and Marketing Permits can be applied for online.
Manufacturers and wholesalers must file a schedule of the prices at which they will sell liquor and wine.
- Fake Id Maker Driver Virtual License Michigan Brand Label Registration is required for all liquor, beer, wine products, and wine specialties sold in New York State
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Check to see if you have been placed on the C.O.D. list by a wholesaler.

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Governor Cuomo signs two bills to support the production of New York-grown hops and expand business opportunities for farm distilleries across the state.

Governor Cuomo announces the winners of the 33rd New York Wine Classic, a nationally recognized competition highlighting the best of New York's wine and ciders.

Governor Cuomo announces the results of the second annual New York State Craft Beer Competition, which featured 642 New York State-brewed beers. For the second straight year, Brooklyn-based Threes Brewing won the Governor's Excelsior Cup.

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The Authority receives complaints from law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, community groups, industry members, elected officials and members of the public. Licensees should also report any non-compliance with the ABC Law and SLA rules regarding their operations.
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Search the Public License Query for active licenses in New York State by license number, address, premises or trade name, name of principal or by using an advanced search.